Who We Are

A bit about us

Sometimes the most critical of circumstances unfolds as a series or chain of events.  In isolation these small incidents don’t really account for much and often seem insignificant.

However if unchecked, dismissed or ignored, they tend to compound – accumulating into a disastrous ending. This is especially true of our financial commitments.  One thing can lead to another, and before you know it, the banks are breathing down your neck, the lawyers taking control of your most valuable assets and calling all the shots – at your expense.

I have also learned that there is always a way through tough times.  Never give in – no matter how hard things may get!  You just need the right advice.

Tough Times

We have all had tough times – some chapters significantly more difficult than others.  Just like our clients, we too have experienced challenging financial times – the GFC of 2007/08 in particular.  At times – had support from our bank, with relationships playing a critical part.  But sadly, when there is a change in staff, policy, personal circumstances or economic conditions, banks may elect not to continue to be there for you.

This I know first-hand – having experienced the full spectrum of emotions, from astonishment to exasperation, frustration and confusion, as if a very long term friend had just severely let us down.  The aggravation was followed by anxiety and apprehension.  Where could this be going?  What of the future?  What would happen to our family?  A little clarity, direction, assistance makes an enormous difference.

Financial problems bring unwelcome additional stress.

For some, this may never be something that will have to be faced.  For others, this may only happen once in a lifetime.  Perhaps the circumstances are precipitated by an event (or series of events) such as the loss of a job, a relationship breakdown, an illness or injury, poor judgment, ill-placed trust, or just bloody bad luck.

And no-one wants to talk about it.  Who to consult?  Who to engage?  Who to trust?

Get to know us

The Directors



Sue has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry, followed by a further 12 years managing her own business. With exposure across the funds management, financial planning, superannuation and rollover landscapes, Sue’s area of specialty is in Client Relationship Management and Business Process Review. Her skill set comprises recruitment, training and development, team management and leadership, work practices development and documentation.

Sue’s background encompasses both established organisations and start-up businesses, having launched and managed the Client Services Division of a major financial planning network which has now grown to in excess of $8 billion in funds under management.

With her strengths in client services, processes and procedures, regulatory framework, training and recruitment, Sue brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organisation.


Founder & Managing Partner

Through his professional and personal experience, Craig found an incredible lack of availability of truth and quality advice, with key decisions being made based on inaccurate, incomplete or just wrong information.

Craig saw an opportunity to establish a service to specifically guide these people through the maze that is the banking world, helping them to regain control, reduce the stress and provide peace of mind.

Craig has in excess of 25 years’ professional experience comprising 15 years in Banking & Corporate Finance and 10 years in Business Advisory. He is a seasoned thought leader in the Finance sector, having structured, arranged, negotiated and delivered a multitude of complex projects & assets (globally), totalling in excess of $3.0 billion.

Craig’s educational achievements include a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Geophysics & Mathematics), a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment Securities (ASIA) and a Masters in Business Administration (Strategy & Finance). He has previously specialised within the Investment Banking arena and consulted in Business & Finance Advisory Services.

Nathan BRUNT


Nathan holds bachelor degrees in law and commerce from Bond University and a master’s degree in
law from Melbourne University. He has also studied law at the University of Oxford.

Nathan has had almost 20 years of experience as a lawyer, working for and advising banks, trustees
in bankruptcy and liquidators in relation to both individual and corporate borrowings and insolvency.

During that time, Nathan has seen many individuals lose their houses, businesses and even go
bankrupt when faced with claims from creditors. This would often result from the individuals not
knowing the options that were available to them and how to negotiate effectively with their

Through Sterling Debt Advisory, Nathan can now assist individuals who find themselves in financial
difficulty to assess their situation to determine the options available to them. He can then help them
to deal with their bank and other creditors to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.