At Sterling Debt Advisory, we can help by:

  • Outlining ALL available options (when threatened with Court Action to seize your property);
  • Recommend the right solution for you;
  • Explain what you do when Served with Court papers;
  • Work with your Lender to agree the right solution, for all parties;
  • Perhaps complete essential works to your property in preparation for sale;
  • Help you to optimise sale proceeds whilst minimising legal expenses;
  • Negotiate credit card debts;
  • Where required, refer you to specialists in property, family law, tax & accounting, insolvency (Trustee) and more; and
  • Remove the stress from your financial problems, allow you to regain control and move forward.

Importantly, it must be noted we are not lenders and do not provide finance, loans or advances in any form.  Nor are we experts in Part IX or Part X formal debt arrangement cases or Bankruptcy – referrals can be made should this be deemed appropriate or necessary. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice.

Did you know:

  • There are many options available to solving mortgage arrears;
  • You may be able to access your Superannuation to clear mortgage arrears;
  • Hardship is typically no longer available to you by your lender when legal Action has commenced to seize your property;
  • You may be able to access Superannuation when un-employed (severe financial hardship);
  • You may be able to access Superannuation for illness or medical expenses;
  • When served with Court papers, we recommend you always defend your position;
  • Property can be seized, without the need for Court papers;
  • There are ways to complete works to your property, ready for sale;
  • Never surrender your property when there is equity;
  • If you have credit card defaults and continue to own a property, you may lose your home if you do not negotiate;
  • Credit card debts are negotiable;
  • Always seek advice from experienced and appropriately qualified firms.

Did you also know:

  • We are experienced and qualified bankers and lawyers that have worked for many years in the banking and legal sector on exactly these matters, therefore we know and understand how these matters can be resolved, what works and what does not work, and deliver real solutions;
  • Most people do not understand Bankruptcy and what this means, and often think this may be an easy solution – often this is not the case, and should be discussed in detail prior to making a hasty un-informed decision that may adversely impact you for many years;
  • Never declare bankruptcy until you are forced to do so;
  • We may be able to assist you in completing works to your property;
  • You are not alone, many are in exactly the same position as you;
  • We have delivered exceptional outcomes for those that thought there was no answer;
  • To do nothing is a conscious decision, and usually not the best decision;

First step is to talk with Sterling Debt Advisory.