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Welcome to Sterling Debt Advisory

We have all had tough times – some chapters significantly more difficult than others. We have – at times – had support from our bank. But sadly, when there is a change in economic conditions, personal circumstances (such as employment, health, relationships) or a change in policy, your lender may not continue to support you.

That’s where we come in…


Our fundamental aim is to achieve significant improvements in our clients financial and emotional position, by minimising the banks legal expenses and optimising our clients cashflow, allowing our clients to re-gain control of their lives.

We assist in the review of available options when threatened with mortgage security enforcement.

We start by reviewing the current position, and understanding key wants, needs and expectations. When faced with the threat of repossession, we discuss ALL available options and identify the most viable option(s) tailored to your specific circumstances. We are available to work with you to execute the preferred option(s), managing the process from end to end to deliver an optimal outcome (for all parties).

Where clients require specific property, legal or family court advice, financial planning, taxation or insolvency guidance, we can introduce the most appropriate experts in their field, through our network of industry colleagues.

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Can we help you with your financial challenge?

Our clients generally fit the following circumstances:

  have a combination of mortgage Arrears, received a Notice of Default, served with a Writ and Statement of Claim, or may even have a Notice to Vacate (Eviction Notice) from the Sheriff;
  are solvent individuals with tangible net worth, yet temporarily experiencing financial stress. Usually an event has triggered the ‘asset rich / cash poor’ syndrome (for example, un-employment, injury, separation etc);
  typically hold total debt levels from a minimum of $100,000 and up to $5 million or more; and
our clients generally own their home, may hold one or more investment properties, typically have some superannuation and may even own a small business.

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